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The human impact of compliance in healthcare


For Healthcare organizations, the paramount benefit of investing in compliance is patient safety and security.

The Human Impact of Compliance in Healthcare.png

Healthcare is one of the more regulated industries because it impacts people’s health and lives. There are a lot of government regulations surrounding the Healthcare industry, including federal, state, and local. And for good reason: Healthcare is one of the most attacked industries in the cyber security space.


79% of cyber security attacks happen against the healthcare industry.


Compliance in Healthcare is a day-by-day commitment that needs to be built into the company’s internal DNA. There’s no question that achieving compliance in the Healthcare sector is a tall task, but therein lies its value.


Because achieving and maintaining compliance is so difficult, most of your competitors will do the bare minimum. Some may not even do that.


This presents a prime opportunity to expand the gap between your organization and others in your market. Investing in a compliance initiative and achieving recognized certifications will make your organization more appealing to investors, vendors, and clients.

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