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The untenable costs of non-compliance


Compliance is expensive when it comes to the time investment, but gaining one customer pays for it.

The Untenable Costs of Non-Compliance.png

As you embark on your compliance journey, you’ll incur numerous direct and indirect costs.


In terms of direct costs, you must absorb the expenses associated with hiring an assessor and working with a regulatory organization. Your indirect costs will include the need to allocate internal resources in virtually every department.


While these costs may seem high, the expenses associated with non-compliance are far more extensive—so much so that they can threaten business continuity. Non-compliance can leave your business susceptible to fines and cyberattacks, both of which can cause irreparable damage to your brand image. 


The cost assessment becomes further one-sided when you take into account the benefits of achieving compliance.


Obtaining a high-level certification from an entity like HITRUST will differentiate you from your competitors and instill confidence in your clients. To learn more about the risks of non-compliance and the benefits of compliance, check out Issue 2 of the Compliance Alliance journal.

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