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Compliance is a journey, not a destination


Ajay Gulati, Chief Technology Officer at Kami Vision


Saurabh Saxena, Head of Technology & Engineering at Uniphore


Sanjaya Abeysinghe, Chief Technology Officer at OptiSolve

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Just how much time does
it take to get to compliance, and maintain it?

Let’s find out from the experts who have successfully traveled the path.


In these Compliance Alliance video features, we hear from technology leaders at Kami Vision, Uniphore, and OptiSolve about their real compliance journeys, including tips and steps on how to become compliant faster and smarter. Here are some key takeaways:

  • In today’s world, compliance matters for every company—not just the ones that have strict industry requirements

  • Maintaining compliance helps to build and retain client trust

  • The ideal compliance team is composed of individuals with both technical and process skill sets

  • Compliance is a journey, not a destination

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