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The path to compliance in 5 steps for mainstream IT


CEO & Founder of DuploCloud, breaks down the path to compliance in 5 steps for mainstream IT teams.

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Need to get secure and compliant? It’s often harder, and more time-consuming, than it seems. After leaving Microsoft, Venkat Thiruvengadam founded DuploCloud with a goal to bring the hyperscale automation techniques (that are common among big cloud providers) to mainstream IT.

All these great automation techniques that big cloud providers have, they have not made their way into mainstream IT.”

In this Compliance Alliance video feature, we sat down with Venkat to hear about DuploCloud’s vision to make compliance accessible for everyone through Infrastructure-as-a-Service. He breaks down the compliance journey into five steps:


  1. Research the relevant regulations

  2. Document procedures and policies

  3. Assess the current state of IT security

  4. Implement the standard controls

  5. Engage a compliance auditor

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DuploCloud offers an end-to-end DevOps software platform for dev teams that don’t have dedicated DevOps engineers and augments those that do.

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